Postdoctoral positions available

Postdoctoral positions are available to study self-organization and mechanotransduction mechanisms of engineered 3D tissues and in vitro model tumors in relation with the current projects of the lab

Please see our recent publications and webpage for details

In the pleasant city of Bordeaux, we offer an excellent interdisciplinary environment with on-site expertise in cell and developmental biology, biophysics, microfluidics and computer science, completed with close collaboration with cancer biologists and theoretical physicists. We are seeking motivated individuals with a PhD in biophysics, biophotonics, developmental biology or related fields.  Candidates who are skilled in advanced optical microscopy, microfluidics or optofluidics applied to biological material, and in stem cell biology a are especially encouraged to apply.

Please send CV and names of three references to: Pierre Nassoy and Gaëlle Recher

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