Amaury Badon


CNRS permanent researcher. I develop label-free optical methods to observe biological samples in 3D, at large scale and over long times. I currently work on Optical Coherence Tomography, Quantitative Phase Microscopy and Light Field Microscopy.


Pierre Nassoy


CNRS permanent researcher. I am interested in mechanotransduction and self-organization processes in growing biological tissues (multicellular spheroids and organoids). Our approaches rely on microfluidics, quantitative imaging and biophysical modelling


Gaëlle Recher


CNRS permanent researcher interested in monitoring and patterning morphogenesis events, using microfabrication to tailor a versatile ecosystem to grow and image bioengineered tissues.


Adeline Boyreau


U.Bordeaux permanent engineer. I am responsible for the cell culture laboratory of the LP2N unit and spend half of my time providing technical assistance and scientific support to the BiOf lab projects.

Associate members


Laëtitia Andrique


CNRS research engineer. I head the Voxcell cell encapsulation facility in TBMCore  and I collaborate with the BiOf lab on R&D projects. I train and advise students on cell encapsulation and   I develop part of my research activity in the BiOf lab.

Postdoctoral scientists


Camille Douillet

(from October 2021)


I study epithelial tissue mechanics in the context of healthy and cancer situation and try to decipher the interplay between mechanical constrain and cell fate. As a generalist engineer and having doing my PhD in a biotech company I can master all experimental steps from tissue fabrication to 3D+time microscopy image analysis.


Naveen Vijayan Mekhileri

(from November 2018 to December 2020 & from September 2022)


I did my PhD in New Zealand (University of Utago) on cartilage regeneration using bioprinting. I am now interested in developing macroscopic vascularized tissues using the Cellular Capsules technology. As a side project, I am investigating the impact of yeast encapsulation in the process of beer brewing.


Elsa Mazari-Arrighi

(from September 2023)




Loïc Hermant

(from February 2023)


I develop a perfusion system of engineered blood vessels (vesseloids) using microfluidics and microfabrication and participate to the development of microfabricated devices.

PhD students


Aymerick Bazin

(from November 2022)


I work on Light Field Microscopy, an optical technique capable of imaging a 3D sample in a single shot. His work combines optical development and numerical reconstructions.


Léon Rembotte

(from November 2022)


My PhD work consists in developing a microfluidic sorting devices for spheroids and organoids. I am currently designing a setup consisting in an acoustic automation and a label-free image-based detection. My aim is i) to devise an integrated microfluidic platform from production to analysis and ii) to use it in order to tackle a biomedical question.


Aurélien Richard

(from October 2022)


I am working on the development of a 3D model of breast epithelium, by modifying the extracellular matrices to reproduce as closely as possible the healthy and tumoral breast tissue.


Anirban Jana

(from January 2023)

I am interested in investigating the dynamics and mechanics of encapsulated cysts of human induced pluripotent stem cells, in collaboration with Treefrog Therapeutics. I am currently imaging the growth of encapsulated cysts using our Incubascope 2.0 and Optical Coherence Tomography.


Lucas Suire

(from September 2023)

I study the effect of the electric field on the Rayleigh-Plateau instability. My work combines high-speed imaging and modeling of physical effects in optofluidics.


Josh Hadnutt

(from October 2021)


I am interested in synthetising fluorescent nanoparticule to deliver drugs on demand. I then assess their visibility and their efficiency in encapsulated tumour spheroids.


Post-doctoral fellow 


  • Soledad Astrada – (2019-2021). Now: Post-doc Manchester, UK.
  • Sophie Larnaudie –  (2017-2018). Now :Manager of global regulatory affairs, Debiopharm, Lausanne
  • Dan Strehle –  (2013-2015)     Now: Research and Development at SmarAct GmbH
  • Franziska Wetzel –  (2013-2015)     Now: Project manager SCADA systems in Energy industry
  • Florinda Schembri – (2013-2014). Now: Analyst at Mercer
  • Maxime Feyeux – ( 2015-2018)     Now : CSO TreeFrog Therapeutics
  • Kevin Alessandri – (2015-2018)     Now : CTO TreeFrog Therapeutics


PhD student


  • Amaël Mombereau – (2017-2022). Now : Postdoc at IHU Liryc, Pessac
  • Nelson Hélaine – ( 2016-2020).   Now  :Graphist expert at Euler Technology Solutions