Welcome to the Bioimaging & OptoFluidics laboratory !

BiOf Lab

We are an interdisciplinary research team located in Laboratoire Photonique Numérique & Nanosciences (LP2N) in Bordeaux/ Talence. Currently, the team is composed of three permanent researchers, Amaury Badon (CNRS researcher), Pierre Nassoy (CNRS director of research) and Gaëlle Recher (CNRS researcher).

Research axis

Our lab has developed a microfluidics-assisted technique, the Cellular Capsule Technology (CCT) that enables to encapsulate cells and grow organoids or tumor models within a shell of porous hydrogel. Our multidisciplinary team work at the interface of tissue engineering, biophysics and optics.

Optical Microscopy


Tissue Engineering

What’s new ? 

Job offer

We are always seeking for talentuous and motivated scientists to joins us to develop projects in biology, biophysics or optics.

Currently we have 3 postdoc positions and 1 PhD available.

Please contact us to know more about these openings / projects.