Welcome to the Bioimaging & OptoFluidics laboratory !

BiOf Lab

We are an interdisciplinary research team located in Laboratoire Photonique Numérique & Nanosciences (LP2N) in Bordeaux/ Talence. Currently, the team is composed of three permanent researchers, Amaury Badon (CNRS researcher), Pierre Nassoy (CNRS director of research) and Gaëlle Recher (CNRS researcher).

Amaury Badon

Pierre Nassoy

Gaëlle Recher

Research axis

Our lab has developed a microfluidics-assisted technique, the Cellular Capsule Technology (CCT) that enables to encapsulate cells and grow organoids or tumor models within a shell of porous hydrogel. Our multidisciplinary team work at the interface of tissue engineering, biophysics and optics.

Optical Microscopy


Tissue Engineering

What’s new ? 

Job offer

We are always seeking for talentuous and motivated scientists to joins us to develop projects in biology, biophysics or optics.

Currently we have 3 postdoc positions and 1 PhD available.

Please contact us to know more about these openings / projects.