The Incubascope


We have developed a custom-made compact microscope that fits into a table-top incubator. It is cheap and simple to implement, user-friendly and yet provides high imaging performances. The system has a field of view of 5.5 × 8 mm2, a 3 μm resolution, a 10 frames per second acquisition rate, and is controlled with a Python-based graphical interface. We have extensive use of the Incubascope to monitor the growth of encapsulated spheroids or organoids.



References :


Badon, A., Andrique, L., Mombereau, A., Rivet, L., Boyreau, A., Nassoy, P. and Recher, G. (2021) ‘The Incubascope: a simple, compact and large field of view microscope for long-term imaging inside an incubator‘, Royal Society Open Science 9 (2), 211444


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